Brain on overdrive

I was recently asked if I was in process of writing any more books. The answer is yes. As of right now I’m writing B’s story to be titled ‘Reflections’. I am going to be doing another story within the mirrors series but I’m going to be holding off on it for now.
I do have a few other projects that I have been drafting, but those are being put to the side until Reflections is completed. My brain has decided to want to multitask and try to create 3 books at once and as much as I would love to do just that, I can’t. Which is why I have my tape recorder handy for times when I get an idea for the other 2 projects.
Which also explains why I’ve been M.I.A. I’m also in the process of ordering the paperback copy of The Mirrors Within,  and people will have the option to order directly from me and I will have it autographed for you too. Also will be starting to do random giveaways of the book as well. So stay tuned for that.
I do hope that you have taken the chance to read the book, if not that’s ok too.

Until next time.
Happy Reading.



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