Happy New Year 2015

First things first. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

So I realized that I haven’t written since August. Oops…I’ll try and do better with keeping this up to date, as now i’ll finally be in a place that has internet and i’ll finally have access to the cyber world again. 

Ok, so let me elaborate on that. As most know, I moved back in with my parents about a year ago, they were going through some financial difficulties, and I had offered to move back in to help them. had I known what was really going on behind closed doors I would have just taken my mom out of the situation rather than be dragged into the situation. I know…you’re probably thinking ‘huh?’ Without going into details, i’ll just say that my mom, is a survivor of domestic abuse. Now the definition of abuse can mean many different things, her’s was emotional and financial. The physical had stopped many years ago, thankfully. With everything that she had gone through and the experiences that she and I had encountered, I realized that the justice system that’s supposed to help and protect those who’ve been abused in all sense of the word, is extremely flawed. I did write a very worded letter to the congressman but i’m sure the letter was looked at and discarded. So i’ll do what I do best and write about it. So yes, there will be another book out after Reflections. I haven’t worked on a title yet, but once I have it worked out, I’ll keep you posted. 
Until Next Time

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