I finally saw Fifty Shades of Grey last night and OH.EM.GEE!! *sigh*

Now I’ve read all three books, quite a few times I may add…OK more like 5-6 times. Yeah I know, I need to get out more, but let’s face it, re-reading books is a bookworm problem; especially when there are so many feels…and better sex in writing than in real life (you know you’re thinking the same thing).

Anyway back to the movie, I personally loved it. The actors did an amazing job bringing the characters from print to the screen. I was texting with another friend of mine regarding the movie as she saw it before me; and gave me her honest opinion about it, which was that she didn’t like it. I was disappointed that she felt that way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She told me that it didn’t stay to the book and there were scenes that didn’t make the cut that played a big part in the movie.

While this is true, but one also needs to remember that not all books that turn into movies stay true to the book. From what i’ve read, EL James had tried to make sure the movie stayed true to the book, and I feel that she did do it justice. Since the story was written in first person, we’re not going to hear the internal dialogue that we read. It’s up to the screen writer and actors to portray that emotion on the screen; and from what i’ve seen it was done amazingly. This is what I had told my friend, and it honestly opened her eyes a little about how the movie was made and in-turn made her appreciate the movie a little more (mission accomplished I may say).

Other things i’ve been reading online was about the controversy about this movie, since the story line is a romance, but the main character portrays a type of sexual lifestyle that is severely taboo, and had learned about the lifestyle since it was done to him. While many people practice it in the privacy of their own homes, or as I came to find out there are some public places where this does happen, its a lifestyle a person chooses to be a part of. There are people that are saying things like ‘by watching this movie you’re encouraging sexual and physical abuse’. All I have to say is seriously? You’re going to go there?

Since many have gone there, i’m also going to go there. As someone who’s been sexually assaulted in her life, and having known and worked with people who’ve been sexually abused and physically abused, this movie DOES NOT portray that at all. Nor do any of the books. It does refer back to an abuse that the main character endured, with his mothers friend (yup an older woman), which lead him to be introduced into this lifestyle (yeah let that simmer in your head for a little bit…so much of the double standard right? f the roles were reversed…it would be about a movie of survival rather than a whole controversy of supporting an abuser right?)

For those who are judging the books and movie, I bet you haven’t even read it or watched it right? And you’re just making an assumption because of the storyline, because it has to deal with such a taboo topic…That’s a real shame since you’re not keeping an open mind to the reality of the gray areas in what most believe is only a black and world.

Well…i’m done with my mini rant about the movie. So before I start getting controversy emails about this, please remember that this all in my opinion only, and yes everyone is entitled to their own. So please respect mine.

Until next time,

~ Stephanie


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