Ok, as I was catching up on another blog that I read (; since I love to see the thoughts that others have on different books to add to my to be read list on good reads. There was a post that I came across, it showed an author plagiarized most of their book with two authors that I love to read. Words cannot even describe what I feel about the situation. 

I feel awful for authors Jamie McGuire and Tammy Webber who’s work was used to help another one succeed. As an aspiring author myself, finding a story line is hard, but that is what makes it yours. You do not need to copy and past others Ideas to make it your own, thats just wrong and illegal. 

Ugh, I guess this is why some people like taking the easy way out in life, but in the end; the authors have huge fans, that have read their books many many times and fall in love with their characters. I hope to be as successful as these authors to the point where my future readers will fall in love with my characters and can tell when my story has been used unlawfully. 



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