There are different things that I can accept from people and different things that I can tolerate from them as well. One thing though that pisses me off is when people take credit for my accomplishments. Such as saving to be able to live out in my own, get into graduate school, get a new job, even a new car. I haven’t talked with this person in a very long time but they are friends with my family, and of course my family and friends are proud of me and of everything that ive accomplished thus far. So of course they make a comment that it’s because of them that ive been able to do everything that ive done so far. Naturally im pissed off but you know what. If saying that is going to make you feel better then fine, but everyone knows the truth and all you ever did was encourage me to drink and to go for one night stands, which I never did because im not that type of girl. I’m not one to judge either, if that’s what you like to do then fine but me personally it’s not my style.
I will never understand to why it’s so special for people to make it a point that it’s all because of them that someone is successful or accomplished. But whatever.


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