A Celebratory weekend

This weekend was my best friend’s 30th bday weekend at AC. It was an awesome time from watching the light show at the Tropicana to a 30 second stand in at a Karaoke bar. Gambling was completed, some lost, some broke even and some won. Dinner on Sat was at a place called Ruth Chris; and OH.EM.GEE its money worth spent, it was like a party in my mouth, there are no words to describe the enjoyment of the food that was served. It was perfection, that is all.

One thing that was always the topic of conversation was the way most people were dressed. Now from the group that was there, 3 guys and 3 girls. From those guys age ranged from 28-35 and from us girls 28-30, from us 3 are single and one in a relationship and the others 2 are married; this gives you the range and mind set of us there, so you get the idea. Now, from the people that we’ve seen along the way were women ranging from ages 23-35 in short short outfits with heels that were so high that they couldn’t even walk in; and when i say short, if most of the girls bent over their hoo-ha would be in display, and the low cut one wrong move and it would be boobs galore for all t see. Now I’m not really one to talk because I may have been that girl that let her boobs be put on display, but half of the time it wasn’t my fault since i was cursed with a slightly bigger rack than most and most shirts do not fit well as it should. It was when I started getting hit on creepy people and hearing the cheesiest pick up lines or having them look at me below the neck line that they were interested in talking to my boobs instead of me. I then changed the way i dressed and found those little lace things to put on the bar so the gap doesn’t look as if one is trying to hard.

Anyway back to my rant, those girls, seriously! goal accomplished for getting a guys attention, but one thing, do not complain that creepers, assholes, jackass’, douche nozzles, douche bags and other types of guys, hit on you and all you want is a “nice guy” or a “gentleman” to talk to, they are there, but feel out of their league when trying to approach you. Now I’m not bashing on people and I can first hear people thinking “or you’re prob jealous because you don’t have a body like that” or “you’re just jealous”; honestly there was one point in my life that I was that thin and could have dressed like that, but I didn’t and i won’t. The other girls that I was with, had the same take, most was how their feet would feel at the end of the night in those heels, or that they want the attention (if the jealousy factor is what you’re thinking, nope because if they wanted to they would wear dresses like that and if they could walk in heels they would too). I am not a judgmental person, but I guess I was raised differently or hung out with a different crowd of people, but i was more embarrassed for them than anything. Its like me saying “yup this is what women have come to in order to get noticed” or “this is what my guy wants me to wear” COME ON, whatever happened to the mystery of the chase or leaving things up to the imagination to how one would look like behind closed doors?
Again like I said, I’m just different and ¬†have a different mind set when it comes to clothing and what can be worn in public.

On another note, I saw the second movie of the Hunger Game- Catching Fire and it was AWESOMENESS! I highly recommend to go and see it!

I hope you enjoyed my random rant. Like I said before this is my opinion on the matter and you may or may not agree with it and that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion/say in anything, this is just how I feel about it.
Until next rant.


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