Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this holiday. The content of this holiday is to show gratitude for anything and everything in ones life. As well for friends and family to come together and give thanks. I love this concept but at the same time I think its bull. Yeah thats right I said it bull. Why you might ask? I think that every day we should be thankful and greatful for the people in our lives; those who have stayed or those who have left. It should be important to show this type of love and/or support to these people so they can feel that they are worth it and accepted as they are.

There shouldnt be just one day to express this; only due to the next day the feeling of gratitude to over looked when people go shopping for black friday. Speaking of black friday shopping, im going to give my 2 cents in this matter. People are complaining that some stores are opening at 6pm on this wonderful thanksgiving day and that these same people have to leave their dinner and go to work and blah blah blah.  First of all be thankful that you are lucky to have a job because not everyone does this time of year, secondly you work in retail what do you expect, dont come down my throat on this because ive worked in retail and understand that we could not get off during this season because of shoppers. And finally get over yourselves you do not see any doctors, nurses, police officers, emts, firefighters or other health care workers and civil workers complaining that they have to work and they are the ones that help care for people and make sure the streets are safe or make sure if you deep fry the turkey and get burned that the house doesnt burn down and that your secomd degree burns are treated. So please and honesty get over it its not that much of a sacrifice and if you didnt like it to begin with then quit its simple because I can guarantee that someone else that needs a job would not complain about working a holiday.

So with all of that said, I hope that everyone has a happy and safe thanksgiving. 


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