weekly update

So i think it was about a week ago that i mentioned my small situation of a boy that came back into my life and begged and all that jazz, well he said that he was going to prove it to me that he deserved another chance and whatnot. It’s been a week since I last heard from him and I laughed. I didn’t get my hopes up because in all honestly I knew he wasn’t going to follow through with his promise.

That’s another thing that I don’t understand why someone would promise something and then break it. It’s like you are proving to people that you shouldn’t be trusted.  If you know you’re not going to follow through with something don’t promise you will because that only makes you look like an asshole. I’m all about second chances if you deserve it or then again it depends on what you did because “sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving a person another bullet to their gun because they missed you the first time” -unknown. Some food for thought for you.

On a happier note, I have submitted my final draft for a final edit and am more than excited for it to be completed and published for all to read. I have no words to describe this feeling. It’s like a cross between excited and scared to see a dream become a reality.

Until next time,


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