Never going to give up…

So from the last time I wrote till now a lot has happened, okay maybe not a lot but enough that can make you second guess many different things. Let me start off with the ‘boy’. You remember the one that promised and all that and then boom never heard from him, the one that I like to call a magician. yeah well I found out that after he begged and pleaded and everything (yes, he did and the sappy phone call was one for the books too, that was a total man card taking event); he’s now dating someone. I know right! My thoughts exactly. It’s not like it didn’t hurt or anything, because lets face it  I’m a girl and most of us are overly emotional, me being the queen of that. That’s neither here nor there.
I’m not one to lie, so I’m not going to lie because after all that serious begging and what not, I was discarded and that hurt like a bitch. I kinda feel like the guy Chuck in the Dane Cook movie Good Luck Chuck, with the only difference is that I didn’t have sex with the guy. Its like ok I’ll date you/ talk to you for a month and then boom someone else comes along and then you’re left feeling like the ugly duckling that no one wants. Oh and the best part that I forgot to mention is what they tell you to sucker you in. They tell you that your the best, you’re everything they’ve been looking for, the total package and incredibly smart and perfect in every way, but at the end of the day they still didn’t choose you regardless of what they said and words only become just that, words.  Then cue in the mellow dramatic music and start with the self-loathing because its those words that mean the most because they gave you hope for something better, hope that it can and would happen, that the happy ending you’ve waited for was at your finger tips to only be destroyed because that other person came along, who was better than you or they finally realized what they had when it was lost. Not that I’m bitter or anything, nor am I claiming that I was seeing or hearing wedding bells with this jerk-face, but its more of the fact that there are guys like that out there, whether they claim to be one of the good guys or not, they will still lead you on and toss you like a dirty rag, when someone better comes along.
I’m not claiming that I’m the best girl out there, I have my flaws and I’ve embraced them to the fullest and would never change them for anything or anyone since they make me who I am. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am, well with the help of my BFF, that it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks, it only matters how you see yourself. Because at the end of the day, someone is going to come along that’s going to love you for you, flaws and all. And no matter how many times someone tries to rain on your parade, the only way to hurt them is by just dancing in the rain and never give up hope.
There is someone out there for everyone and he’s probably stuck in a tree somewhere and to stubborn to ask for help to get down.

That was my rant for the day.
Until next time,


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