Oops..so much for keeping this up to date

Oops so I thought I was going to be good at keeping this updated and it’s been about 3 months :-/ my bad.

Anyway, so in the past 3 months have been an adventure and also stressful. 1st after all of my fun-filled adventures and horror stories of online dating I’ve deleted my profile (well I’m hoping that I did since I hit delete). I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have a sign on my picture that’s an invisible beacon for the crazy/stalker/player types can only see. Because those were all of those I’ve met or even talked to for a day. And that’s a big no in my book since I’m just about 30 and have no time for games.

Another update on who I call the magician. So back in April this ass texts me again saying the same thing over and over and over again, you know the ‘I miss you’, ‘give me another chance’, ‘I’ll make it up to you’ all that bullshit. So I told him where he can shove it, but I guess for him that just mean I’m playing hard to get…yeah no, not one bit, so I stopped answering and deleted him from my phone. But of course after 2 months, just like freaking clock work, I get another message ‘hey’ and then after a few hours of not responding ‘what’s wrong’ so of course I have to answer to that so it went like this ‘seriously? How many times do I need to tell you to fuck off?’ So from there I didn’t get a response back, I’m hoping that it finally sunk in. Fingers crossed.

A word of advise that I just want to throw out there in Internet land. If you offer someone help with something that they’ve worked so hard and so long on and know that this was their way in looking into other things that they want to complete in life, don’t do it half-hearted. Just be upfront and say I’m sorry but I can’t or say that’s not my thing or even don’t offer to do anything and just wish them well on their adventure. So with that, there was a set back with the book (for all those wondering). I’m hoping for it to be out by this month or the next. But I will keep you posted on this. My best friend is the most amazing and beautiful person that’s helping me with my set back and I’d rather her take her time than rush through it (you can only image what had happened before and how upset I was over it).

Until next time.


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