Brain on overdrive

I was recently asked if I was in process of writing any more books. The answer is yes. As of right now I’m writing B’s story to be titled ‘Reflections’. I am going to be doing another story within the mirrors series but I’m going to be holding off on it for now.
I do have a few other projects that I have been drafting, but those are being put to the side until Reflections is completed. My brain has decided to want to multitask and try to create 3 books at once and as much as I would love to do just that, I can’t. Which is why I have my tape recorder handy for times when I get an idea for the other 2 projects.
Which also explains why I’ve been M.I.A. I’m also in the process of ordering the paperback copy of The Mirrors Within,  and people will have the option to order directly from me and I will have it autographed for you too. Also will be starting to do random giveaways of the book as well. So stay tuned for that.
I do hope that you have taken the chance to read the book, if not that’s ok too.

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Happy Reading.



So as you know I published a book almost a month ago (yay!! :-D) and so far I’ve gotten great responses back from people who’s read it…some say that they couldn’t put it down, or that it was an amazing story with relatable characters. I am grateful for all of the support and am in awe that this story has given readers a amazing adventure.
The other day I was talking to a friend of mine that read this story and she told me that she’s always wished for her and her siblings to be as close as the siblings are in the story and just thinking about the family structure in the story is something she strives for. I could only sit there in awe because of how just one part could impact someone so much and there are no words to describe this feeling.
Once I hit publish for this story all I thought about was it doesn’t matter how many get sold (even though that awesome to be on the best sellers list), but all that matters to me is that I can make an impact in one person’s life, no matter how big or small. Then I’ve known I’ve done my part. And so far from the responses I’ve gotten from those who have read this story, I know I’ve done just that. 🙂
If you’re reading this and have already read this story I’m honored that you did and thank you for helping me make my dreams come true. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s ok there’s no pressure to do so, I hope that you do take a chance and try.
On that note. Thank you all again. I’m posting the links to where it can be purchased in case you need them. Also I’d only ask one thing, if you have read this story and whether you love it or hated it please feel free to leave a review on where you got it, it would mean the world to me. Thank you again!
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The Mirrors Within is now available at:

Living a dream…

It’s official. I’m an author, i’ve finally hit the publish button on a few sites that will allow everyone to be able to experience my story. It does take a lot of hard work to put words together to create a story. I’ve always wanted to share my stories with people and now i’ve been able to accomplish my dream of being an author. I’m adding the links to where they can be found. I hope you all enjoy it.


I’m still waiting on other websites to go live and once they do, i’ll include those links as well.

happy reading 🙂 much for keeping this up to date

Oops so I thought I was going to be good at keeping this updated and it’s been about 3 months :-/ my bad.

Anyway, so in the past 3 months have been an adventure and also stressful. 1st after all of my fun-filled adventures and horror stories of online dating I’ve deleted my profile (well I’m hoping that I did since I hit delete). I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have a sign on my picture that’s an invisible beacon for the crazy/stalker/player types can only see. Because those were all of those I’ve met or even talked to for a day. And that’s a big no in my book since I’m just about 30 and have no time for games.

Another update on who I call the magician. So back in April this ass texts me again saying the same thing over and over and over again, you know the ‘I miss you’, ‘give me another chance’, ‘I’ll make it up to you’ all that bullshit. So I told him where he can shove it, but I guess for him that just mean I’m playing hard to get…yeah no, not one bit, so I stopped answering and deleted him from my phone. But of course after 2 months, just like freaking clock work, I get another message ‘hey’ and then after a few hours of not responding ‘what’s wrong’ so of course I have to answer to that so it went like this ‘seriously? How many times do I need to tell you to fuck off?’ So from there I didn’t get a response back, I’m hoping that it finally sunk in. Fingers crossed.

A word of advise that I just want to throw out there in Internet land. If you offer someone help with something that they’ve worked so hard and so long on and know that this was their way in looking into other things that they want to complete in life, don’t do it half-hearted. Just be upfront and say I’m sorry but I can’t or say that’s not my thing or even don’t offer to do anything and just wish them well on their adventure. So with that, there was a set back with the book (for all those wondering). I’m hoping for it to be out by this month or the next. But I will keep you posted on this. My best friend is the most amazing and beautiful person that’s helping me with my set back and I’d rather her take her time than rush through it (you can only image what had happened before and how upset I was over it).

Until next time.


Ok, I always thought that the cardinal rule of dating/meeting someone was that you weren’t supposed to show the crazy until about 3 months into a relationship or even from meeting anyone for that matter. As you all know I joined the world of online dating, well again there were some really nice people that I had met. But recently its like the dating world has another agenda, to bring on the weirdos and crazy. I know i’m not one to talk, since i’m a little out there too, dorky and nerdy but I know better than to show my crazy at first email.
I’m not going to go into detail about what had occurred, but there is a slight reason why I don’t like to tell people what I had majored in in college merely for the fact that sometimes I get an “oh okay, well thats interesting” or “what are you analyzing me now?” For those that don’t know, I have a masters in Psychology with a concentration in addictive behaviors (yea, exactly). Anyway there was a situation that had occurred where communication wasn’t being had (we didn’t speak for a few days and all hell broke loose). Then the crazy came out and it wasn’t me that did it. The person emailed saying that I had forgotten about them and I responded no because I’m not consistently checking emails while I’m at work and I was busy the past few days. Yea that’s when the crazy came out. I got a response saying so this is how it’s going to be. You’re going to be way too busy for me and you don’t want to talk to me. I, of course thought that this was a joke and responded as such and that made it worse. The response was similar to getting a gremlin wet and they told me that I broke their heart and crushed their dreams of the happily ever after. That’s when I got the CODE RED CODE RED siren.

I know us girls are like that but damn we don’t show that level of crazy until the time is right. And in seriousness you really can’t fix that level of crazy. But that’s not going to stop me from continuing my journey in this whole dating world.

until next time,


Never going to give up…

So from the last time I wrote till now a lot has happened, okay maybe not a lot but enough that can make you second guess many different things. Let me start off with the ‘boy’. You remember the one that promised and all that and then boom never heard from him, the one that I like to call a magician. yeah well I found out that after he begged and pleaded and everything (yes, he did and the sappy phone call was one for the books too, that was a total man card taking event); he’s now dating someone. I know right! My thoughts exactly. It’s not like it didn’t hurt or anything, because lets face it  I’m a girl and most of us are overly emotional, me being the queen of that. That’s neither here nor there.
I’m not one to lie, so I’m not going to lie because after all that serious begging and what not, I was discarded and that hurt like a bitch. I kinda feel like the guy Chuck in the Dane Cook movie Good Luck Chuck, with the only difference is that I didn’t have sex with the guy. Its like ok I’ll date you/ talk to you for a month and then boom someone else comes along and then you’re left feeling like the ugly duckling that no one wants. Oh and the best part that I forgot to mention is what they tell you to sucker you in. They tell you that your the best, you’re everything they’ve been looking for, the total package and incredibly smart and perfect in every way, but at the end of the day they still didn’t choose you regardless of what they said and words only become just that, words.  Then cue in the mellow dramatic music and start with the self-loathing because its those words that mean the most because they gave you hope for something better, hope that it can and would happen, that the happy ending you’ve waited for was at your finger tips to only be destroyed because that other person came along, who was better than you or they finally realized what they had when it was lost. Not that I’m bitter or anything, nor am I claiming that I was seeing or hearing wedding bells with this jerk-face, but its more of the fact that there are guys like that out there, whether they claim to be one of the good guys or not, they will still lead you on and toss you like a dirty rag, when someone better comes along.
I’m not claiming that I’m the best girl out there, I have my flaws and I’ve embraced them to the fullest and would never change them for anything or anyone since they make me who I am. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am, well with the help of my BFF, that it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks, it only matters how you see yourself. Because at the end of the day, someone is going to come along that’s going to love you for you, flaws and all. And no matter how many times someone tries to rain on your parade, the only way to hurt them is by just dancing in the rain and never give up hope.
There is someone out there for everyone and he’s probably stuck in a tree somewhere and to stubborn to ask for help to get down.

That was my rant for the day.
Until next time,